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Suddenly there’s a whole lot more work for the Legislature to do…

stupidity.jpgMassachusetts’ state Senate has finally moved forward in enacting legislation that would ban folks from texting while driving. While similar bills have come up before, the state Senate has always shot them down:

Similar legislation passed overwhelmingly last year in the House, but key senators argued that they did not want to “legislate against stupidity.”

So, yeah, they’re going to start legislating against stupidity now. And with the state Senate sitting in Boston and all, I figure we’re about two weeks away from A Bill Banning All Yankee Fans From the Commonwealth because, as we all know, Yankee fans are the height of stupidity (the Phillies won the weekend series against the Yanks, so yeah, this is me gloating — suck it, Yanks!).

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Tennessee already beat them to the bottom. Gov. Bredeson signed our no-texting-while-driving law on May 13. It not only prohibits sending texts, but even reading received texts while driving. According to the new law, you can look at your phone only to place or receive a call. TCA 55-8-19. http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/106/Bill/SB0393.pdf

I'd normally say "Let the stupid people take themselves out," but not if they might take other people with them (who might or might not be stupid). I'm against seatbelt laws (except for children) because I don't give a damn if you decide to take your own life into your hands, but if you kill my mom because you couldn't wait five minutes to read a text, I'm coming after you.