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Suck My D**k F**k Face

_44437628_ruderbill_two203.jpgMan: I dig the audacity of the waiter responsible for the bill to the right. Unfortunately, the restaurant manager is, apparently, an unforgiving dick who felt obligated to apologize to the ten patrons who received the bill after they complained about poor service.

Ms Watkin said: “I couldn’t believe it. The bill read ‘fish cakes’, which one of us had for a starter, and it was written right above it — absolutely disgusting language.
I think that the way that we’ve been spoken to is absolutely outrageous Clare Watkin.
She added: “I’d like a written apology from the restaurant and I’d also like some compensation.”I think that the way that we’ve been spoken to is absolutely outrageous.”

Give me a break — lighten the hell up, f**k face.

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Hey, at least he didn't charge them for it.

I believe as a waiter, if someone is being a fuckface, then not only should it be admissible to say such things to a guest, it should be mandatory that said fuckface should drop to their knees and suck the aforementioned penis !

That'd really piss me off if I got that on a restaurant receipt, however...

I am SO stealing this story to post on my favorite forum. Hahahaha!

I seriously cannot imagine being pissed about something like that. I would laugh my friggin' ass off, and tip higher as a result.

ive worked as a waitress and had customers who's food i would have vandalised if my mother hadnt raised me so damn well.

I alas have not the balls to do something like this to them no, i usually just use their dessert orders to steal me and my co-workers a wedge of cake(cut their slice slightly too big, trim off what you want, serve to friends, charge the dicks for your fun)