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Stupid @%*&&$#% Toilet!

toilet-snorkel.jpgGod bless my home state of Pennsylvania. That’s where Dawn Herb is facing a fine of up to $300 and up to 90 days in the clink for — wait for it — allegedly cursing at an overflowing toilet! That’s right - Herb was in her house when there was a bit of a plumbing mishap:

“The toilet was overflowing and leaking down into the kitchen and I was yelling (for my daughter) to get the mop.”

While she doesn’t remember exactly what she said, Herb admits that a couple of not-for-TV words escaped her lips. Those words then floated out a nearby open window and into her next door neighbor’s ears. That neighbor, an off duty cop, asked Herb to keep the ruckus down. She says Herb didn’t keep it down, and so the police were called in and Herb was cited with disorderly conduct.

A lawyer from the Philly branch of the ACLU says this is pretty stupid: “You can’t prosecute somebody for swearing at a cop or a toilet.”

The moral of this story? Get rid of indoor plumbing, of course! Outhouses now and forever, that’s what I say!

(And that picture up there, by the by, is from a patent for a toilet snorkel, issued in 1982. In the event of a fire, the toilet snorkel can apparently provide a source of “fresh air,” so once can avoid smoke inhalation. …Ooooooo-kay.)