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Strippers say the darndest things!

stripper-pole.jpgIn Chandler, Arizona, Ruby Elaine Bojorquez … sigh. People, come on. You name your daughter Ruby, of course she’s going to grow up to be a stripper. Christ sake.

Any way, Ruby’s been arrested for stabbing her boyfriend in the back. Seems that she got into a fight with her lover and grabbed a knife, giving him one quick poke, two quick pokes in the back. The cops showed up after being called by the boyfriend, and “they found evidence of a struggle and bloody knife on the living room floor.” Ruby totally admits that there was an argument.

But she claims that, get this, he stabbed himself. Twice. In the fucking back.

Ruby honey, just because the men who pay you at Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club believe your lies when you tell them how special they are does not, I repeat, does not mean the cops will also believe whatever magical lies you try to spin on them. Although, next time, may I suggest that you at least try sprinkling some stripper dust on them whilst telling your lies. Can’t hurt, right?