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Starbucks to the court: would like a grande “fuck you” or a venti “fuck you”

starbucks-cup.jpgLast week, a Cali court said that Starbucks had to pay a hefty $100 million because shift supervisors were taking a cut of employee tips, violating a California law prohibiting managers and supervisors from taking money from tip jars. The court also issued an injunction prohibiting shift supervisors from continuing to take tips.

Starbucks has now issued a statement telling the court to fuck off. It says that its shift supervisors have no managerial authority and therefore don’t fall under the California law, even though the court found otherwise. So not only will it not pay the judgment, but it won’t tell its shift supervisors to stop taking tips.

Yeah, that’s not just a venti “fuck you,” but a triple venti soy “fuck you” with room for cream.