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Sorry buddy, the law’s the law

apartments.jpgJordan Gonnering is a student at the University of Wisconsin. Earlier this month, he came home to find the corpse of his murdered fiancee. Not a good time. Unsurprisingly, Gonnering kinda doesn’t want to live in that apartment anymore. Trouble his, he’s still got a 16 month lease.

The Dean of Students at UW-Madison says that she hasn’t been able to convince the company that owns the building to change its position after speaking to them on behalf of Gonnering. In fact, Gonnering even offered to move into another property owned by the management company but, so far, the owner of that property company isn’t budging, simply saying he wants to talk to Gonnering about things. He notes that the law is the law, and he’s gotta treat everyone fair and equally.

Ok, fine. I take no issue with that. But the law allows you to be compassionate, assfuck. If both sides agree to allow the lease to be broken, or agree that move it over to another unit, there’s nothing unfair or unequal about that. Jesus.

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An update - they changed their mind...


I'm glad there was a change of heart (although I haven't checked out the update yet), bc I was going to say that most landlords are assholes. And they really have to be bc lots (not all, not most) of tenants are assholes. It only takes one burn to turn a LL into a big fat jerk!

You missed one important sentence - the landlord only said he wouldn't make a decision about the lease until he talked to the tenant himself - not the University's housing spokesperson.

I rent from the landlord mentioned in the story, and I've had nothing but pleasant experiences. His daughter, also wonderful, is my building manager. This is just one of many overly-sensationalized news stories surrounding this case.