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So, What’d You Do Today While Waiting at the Bus Stop?

00014944.jpgA Floridian resident was arrested, charged with solicitation to commit lewd molestation and attempted child abuse, and held on a $225,000 bond, because he apparently believed that a school bus stop was a great place to pick up the ladies.

A Fort Pierce man was arrested Thursday after police said he approached an 11-year-old girl at a bus stop and offered to pay her money for a lap dance … According to a police report, [Horacio] Benitez admitted to police that he showed the girl an undisclosed amount of cash and asked her for a lap dance while she waited for her school bus to arrive. Police said the girl told investigators that she did not know what a lap dance was.

In defense of Benitiz, however, the girl did look twelve.

Oh, and parents: Walk your kids to the bus stop, OK? Especially if you live in Florida.