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So does this make God an enabler?

54894OTws_w.jpgIn what has to be some supreme being (not naming names) playing one heck of a joke on mortals, Ireland’s Road Safety Authority is trying to get the blood-alcohol threshold lowered from 0.08 to 0.05. But that isn’t even the best part:

The job description for a Catholic priest doesn’t include a lot of perks — perhaps one reason that their numbers are shrinking rapidly across the Western world. In Ireland, though, the gig might be further complicated by a new proposal to lower the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers. Priests there are speaking out against the proposal because it could render them legally drunk after performing Mass.

That’s right. A country notorious for having some of the most hardy drinkers in the world is about to lower their BA threshold, and the main complainants are priests who will end up legally tipsy after performing their duties. And when taking into account that fewer priests means more of them will have to perform multiple sacraments and often have to drive increasingly long distances to do so, you can see why they are so apprehensive about the change.

Jesus juice. It’ll get ya drunk! You’ll be blessin’ fat girls in no time! You might even fight a sinner or two! Mmm-mmm, bitch!