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Slow News Day


Sultry beauty! Ha! God, I love The Globe. Also, “Anna Nicole killed her son.” Well, of course she did!

The Enquirer’s headline isn’t nearly so intriguing, but I do love that the tabloids are getting into politics.


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I enjoy most that I now have the information that Drew Barrymore is a sloppy drunk. I would've pegged her for being the tantrum throwing type. Huh.

Wow, the tabloids are really getting desperate here. Someone get Britney a cocktail!

Oh my god. Scientology is a brainwashing cult? Who knew?

My favorite part of the second cover is that directly below the "Demi Moore's $500,000 total body makeover!" text it looks like she only has one leg.

Is it just me, or is the "sultry beauty" just a photo of Chelsea with a black wig photoshopped on?