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Sisterly Love

olsens.jpgForty-four year old Geraldine Magda recently sat next to her older sister, Mary Ulwelling, as she was dying in a nursing home bed. Geraldine held her sister’s hand and, one assumes, tried to comfort her. Shortly after Geraldine left, Mary passed, and other family members there began to mourn her loss.

Then they began to mourn the loss of something else, when they noticed that Mary’s $2,500 wedding ring was no longer on her now-cooling hand. The same hand which her caring sister Geraldine had been holding mere hours ago. The police were called and they went to have a little chat with Geraldine. She let them search here purse and, wouldn’t it you know it, they found the ring. Geraldine acted shocked — shocked, I say — and said she had no idea how the ring got there. The cops didn’t buy it, particularly given the fact that she had apparently stolen jewelry from family in the past, and she was hauled off and charged with theft and possession of stolen property.