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Shove Those Freedom Fries Up Your Ass, Lady

0423_sarkozy.jpgYou know what? Good for Nicolas Sarkozy. During a “60 Minutes” interview taped several weeks ago, Leslie Stahl was introduced to the French way of doing things, i.e., if you ask about a politician’s personal life, be prepared to see your interview terminated. That’s exactly what Sarkozy did (video below) after Stahl asked him about his marriage.

In the interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” broadcast on Sunday, the French president sparred with the U.S. correspondent, called his press secretary an imbecile, said he was too busy to make time for a “stupid” interview and ended the whole conversation abruptly when asked about the state of his marriage to Cecilia.
The Sarkozys’ divorce was announced about two weeks later.
“If I had something to say about Cecilia, I would not do so here,” he said before cutting off further questions.

Maybe it’s silly, but I actually find it refreshing to see a politician declare that he’s too busy for a television interview, and I especially find it admirable that the guy basically told Stahl to stick it when asked about his personal life. Then again, Guiliani doesn’t answer questions about his family or previous marriages either, but I find nothing either refreshing or admirable about him. Maybe it’s just Sarkozy’s dark eyes, dapper suits, and that sexy French accent. Oooooh la la.