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Shot through the heart, and you’ve been sued…

bon-jovi.jpgGood on ya, District Judge Michael M. Baylson. He was writing up a 29-page opinion in a case called AFL Philadelphia v. Krause. AFL Philadelphia would be one of the owners of the Philadelphia Soul, an AFL football team. Jon Bon Jovi is also a team owner. So Judge Baylson did what any good man would do in this situation and included not just football allusions in his opinion, but Bon Jovi song references. To wit:

…the local arena football team the Philadelphia soul … rose in a “Blaze of Glory” to win the 2008 national championship Arena Bowl and then was “Shot Through the Heart” when its 2009 season was cancelled by the League due to financial problems. The team and League remain “Living on a Prayer” that they will return in the 2010 season and beyond. In the meantime, the Philadelphia Soul and a former employee are trading accusations concerning the fall-out of the season’s cancellation, in which they each experienced a taste of “Bad Medicine.”


Although continuing to pursue his counterclaims will be no “Bed of Roses,” Defendant has adequately pled both Lanham Act and misappropriation of name claims such that this Court will deny Plaintiffs’ Motion to Dismiss Defendant’s Counterclaims.

And double good on ya, Judge Baylson, for including a footnote giving your law clerk props for being the one to hook you up with the actual song titles.