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Shark Takes Joyride Down the Slide of Death

shark_attack_0005_Layer-5_full.jpgAbsolutely not legal related at all, but come on: A shark finds out what happens when you jump onto the kiddie slide. You die:

“Yesterday morning at around 9:30 AM, prior to the resort’s waterscape opening to guests, a 12+-year-old female reef shark jumped over an 18 inch wide and 1 foot high sustaining structure into the resort’s Leap of Faith water slide.
The Atlantis Aquarists believe the shark was startled by an unusual circumstance that we have no way of defining completely. In the over ten years guests have experienced the Leap of Faith, the reef shark itself, harmless to humans as it is fed regularly by our staff, had shown no previous incidences of leaping out of the water in the marine habitat …
… The habitat itself is part of the resort’s open system which filters water from the Atlantic Ocean and is completely separated from the chlorinated water system on the slides. Once the shark fell onto the slide and into the chlorinated water, it was in significant distress.
The Marine Aquarium Operations team responded immediately and was able to retrieve the animal at the bottom of the slide and return the animal to the main marine habitat in an attempt to resuscitate her. Despite the team’s best efforts to recover the animal, it died shortly after the occurrence.

I would feel sorry for the poor creature. Except it’s a shark. And all sharks, harmless or not, should be thrown into chlorinated water.

More photographs of the gruesome shark suicide over on TMZ, a website that should otherwise never be visited.

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Great, I always had a fear of the ocean due to sharks, and now I have to fear pools and slides!!

There's a lawyer joke somewhere in here, but it's Friday, and my brain has decided to go on vacation for the holidays.

I hear you, three elle--there's also a painfully obvious "jumping the shark" joke in there, but damned if my wine-fed brain can think of it right now.

What's with all the shark hate, Dustin? What did a shark ever do to you?