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Shame on the Pennsylvania State Police!

pa-state-police.jpgYou know, over the years, I’ve seen the cops do a lot of shit that pisses me off. But this may take the motherfucking cake. Last week, the state police tracked down 18-year-old Stefan Kendal Cooper, a man wanted for allegedly shooting a 34-year-old woman whilst the two were involved in a domestic dispute. After the dispute, Cooper fled the scene, so the cops weren’t able to nab him. But they also wanted this guy because, on top of the domestic dispute, he was wanted for an incident back in October where he rammed two state cop cars after leading them on a high speed chase when he wouldn’t pull over to take his speeding ticket like a man.

Cooper’s a real peach, is the point.

Anyway, on Friday, the staties received a tip as to where he was stashed out, and when they search the residence in question, the cops found him hiding in a living room sofa, where part of it had been hollowed out. Cooper was arrested and hit with a slew of charges, and will likely find himself spending a nice long while in the clink.

So why am I so pissed at the cops, you ask? Because they found a man hiding in a couch … and they didn’t take any pictures. What the fuck, people? We need the comedy that comes with the photo of a man hiding in a frigging couch, know what I’m saying?