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Semper Fi!

marines.jpgTwenty-year-old Chase C. Allen was recently in court facing misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct charges. He had been arrested back in April for futzing around in an E.R. after having been discharged (he had originally gone in because of injuries that appeared to be from a fight). But Allen managed to plea out and have the charges dropped, which meant that the fresh Marine recruit would be able to show up to the scheduled start of his boot camp.

And what did Allen have to do for the plea, you ask?

Drop and give ‘em 50, of course.

Yup - Allen just dropped down in the middle of the courtroom and started doing pushups, with a uniformed Marine recruiter giving him encouragement from the gallery. He hit 50, threw in one or two more for good measure, and wound up receiving applause from the other folks in the gallery. Judge Barbara Collins then accepted the plea and allowed the charges to be dropped (and then ran to the press to make it very clear that she had nothing to do with it and would never make someone do pushups).

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If I were the defendant, 50 push-ups would be cruel & unusual punishment.

I suspect in my case it would amount to capital punishment.