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See people, this is why we need to go back to the barter system!

stripper-pole.jpgBecause if we did, lawyers like Scott Robert Erwin would be more able to help out those who can’t afford the big bills that typically come with hiring a lawyer. But we live in a cash economy people. So good folks like Mr. Erwin find themselves being suspended by their state bar for 15 months because he was willing to help out a lady in legal need by knocking the price of her legal bill down in exchange for private nude dances.

Apparently, he met this stripper in a strip club in ‘01, and one thing led to another, and suddenly he was working for her, crediting almost $600 to the private half-hour dances she gave him. Of course, he still charged her seven grand and that, coupled with the alleged inappropriate touching, led her to claim assault. The charges didn’t stick, but they did lead to the disciplinary action, which is why Erwin finds himself suspended.

Barter system, people. Nude dances for legal services — let’s make it happen.

(Reader Ryan H. also sent us a link to this story, replete with his own punch line: “Also adds new meaning to ‘pro bono.’”)