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Scott McClennan Amazingly Capable of Independent Thought!

scottmclennan.jpgIf you haven’t heard yet, former Press Secretary Scott McClennan is releasing a book that promises to be the first real negative attack on the Bush Administration from someone inside the Bush White House. In the book, McClennan writes, in part:

President Bush “convinces himself to believe what suits his needs at the moment,” and has engaged in “self-deception” to justify his political ends, Scott McClellan, the former White House press secretary, writes in a critical new memoir about his years in the West Wing.

In addition, Mr. McClellan writes, the decision to invade Iraq was a “serious strategic blunder,” and yet, in his view, it was not the biggest mistake the Bush White House made. That, he says, was “a decision to turn away from candor and honesty when those qualities were most needed.” (Source)

Nope, Scott. The decision to invade Iraq was definitely the biggest mistake of the Bush White House. Absolutely. 100 percent. No denying it. While I’m sure that the “decision to turn away from candor and honesty” was a mistake, it’s the Iraq War that costs $12 billion a month. No comparison there, buddy. On the blunder meter, I think I’d put that whole candor and honesty mistake somewhere below No Child Left Behind, Hurricane Katrina, Guantanamo Bay, warrantless wiretapping, and the firing of Democrat U.S. Attorneys — I’d put it somewhere on par with trying to sneak Harriet Meiers onto the Supreme Court, I suppose.

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I bet McClellan would argue that the turn away from candor and honesty helped all those other things to occur. I think part of why Congress and the American people went to war is because they actually believed the things the president said. If he and his administration weren't such flat out liars, it would have been a lot harder to accomplish those things.

Fuck him! No wait! Double fuck him! This is just another bush douchebag trying to avoid a war crimes trial. He was in it all the way, and then he criticizes them like he's different? That's just like that scumbag here, David Iglesias. He got bitch slapped though he spent his life sucking republican dick. I hope that right wing God of their's smites the motherfuckers! A pox on both of them!

Lovely tolerance on the left here. Especially Bill Weldon.

As for the post, glad to see that Quizlaw endorses Saddam and his torture chambers, because ending them was the "biggest mistake of the Bush White House." I'm sure they long for the days of being raped and tortured!

Of course, you'll never condemn the UN for doing that, so I suppose raping third world people is absolutely ok with you liberals.

Just for clarity's sake, I voted for "W" twice. Once when I believed conservatism could be good for a country and not be automatically transmuted into fascism and once when I was still way pissed about 9/11.

The republican party's betrayal of all that's Holy about America is an event that injures us far more than the towers.

For God's sake we've become torturers and we all have blood on our hands. Is this the America we want?

So yeah, my tolerance for the traitors on the right is very limited.

By the way, What kinda pussy name is Vance?

By the way, What kinda pussy name is Vance?


What a bunch of dummies! McClennan wants to meak some money. A book on how great GW is would not sell. So, following his genetic code, he lies.

Genetic code? Father was an attorney disbarred for being a lying asshole. Mother went from GOP to Dem party to run for governor (lost, miserably).

How many quotes do you need from Kennedy, Clinton, Pelosi, et al. before we went in to Iraq claiming that Saddam was a danger that needed to be removed? Or from Bill Clinton and his administration?

Oooh! Can't wait for Obama and his Black Revoutionary Theoligy! If McCain wins, we're saved for four years, if Obama wins we lose for four years and there won't be a Dem president for 40 years thereafter. Obama doesn't have the cred to be a US senator, much less president, but go, baby, go!


Your comments may have some merit, but that's hard to fathom because, YOU CAN'T FUCKING SPELL! And by the way, your sentence structure sucks.

Is this an example of the benefits of a republican education? Or should I say edjyeecation?

Jesus Christ! I'm a fucking union carpenter, High School dropout and I can tell you're a moron!

So, just out of curiosity, does it hurt being that stupid and is it cozy living in your mommy's basement?