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School Systems Have To Step in To Prevent These Travesties

061308_csore5NewWMV_4_3646-t240.jpgWhat kind of sick, twisted fourth grader shares her lip cream? Appalling!

An Oregon City fourth grader missed her last day of school Friday because she shared a lip cream with two classmates. Madison McFadden attends Redland elementary. She said she didn’t know she was breaking school rules.
Madison says it all began the day before school got out when students were cleaning out their desks.She found a medicated, over the counter, lip cream called “abreva” in her desk. It’s a cold sore medication and can numb up an area. A classmate asked her what it was and wanted Madison to share. She did and the classmate put some on her lips then passed it to a friend. Madison says a short time later the two classmates didn’t feel well and told the teacher.
When the teacher investigated, Madison and the classmates ended up in the principal’s office. All three were suspended and missed the last day of class.
District Superintendent Roger Rada defends the move. “We’re there to protect the kids,” said Rada.

I, for one, appreciate Mr. Rada looking out for the children. Children come first, and we certainly can’t have a bunched of spoiled rotten pre-adolescents sharing their VD-infested lip cream with other students. You know, you can get AIDS that way. I saw it on the Internet. This is a real public menace; I’m only disappointed that this charlatan didn’t get a more severe punishment. A one-day suspension? That’s like tipping a waitress who spits in your food 15 percent instead of 20 percent. This little girl should’ve been suspended for the rest of her fifth grade year and imprisoned, right along with her parents — who are probably already in jail, if their parenting skills are any indication.

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How do these school districts get away with suspending kids for petty shit like this? I went to public school in NYC; I think you had to kill a teacher to get detention.