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RNC - Day 2 (Recaps)

Not that any of you really need my expert analysis, but I couldn’t resist watching the Republican Convention last night, if only to see how they’d spin the Sarah Palin thing (her nomination is, for better or worse, drawing a lot of eyes toward the convention). George Bush gave a piss poor speech, and Joe Lieberman’s was pretty lackluster, having only the benefit of alienating more of his so-called supporters (I love how he kept referring to himself as a Democrat last night, though there are few Dems remaining who would associate with him). Most of the rest of the proceedings were pretty dull, and typically earnest and over-the-top when it comes flag-waving, country music, and military service (the level with which they used individuals from the military seemed downright exploitative).

But, I have to hand it to Fred Thompson, who gave the speech of the night. When you’re watching the opponents convention, a man or woman’s speech has to be judged by how deeply it pisses you off. And Fred Thompson pissed me the fuck off. Above is his 3 minutes or so about Sarah Palin, which I believe insinuates that Barack Obama got where he is by going to thousands of cocktail parties. Bullshit? Yeah. But it’s a helluva way to fire up the base, by accusing your opponent of drinking cocktails instead of domestic beer and whiskey, the number one and two causes of teenage pregnancy in the United States.(Fact: Scotch on the rocks rarely leads to unplanned pregnancy).

I was particularly fond of Thompson’s line where he suggested that the choice of Palin has “got the other side and their friends in the media in a state of panic.” I think what he meant to say was “has given the other side and their friends in the media wet panties.” Typically, Thompson offers up few examples of Palin’s qualifications but for her ability to field dress a moose which is, apparently, all the qualification you need in the G.O.P.

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Fact: Scotch on the rocks rarely leads to unplanned pregnancy
I think what he meant to say was “has given the other side and their friends in the media wet panties.”

Obama-Biden 2008!!

i heard some jackass on tv today saying "democrats are so jugmental" and that Bristol Palin "has nothing to do with the election." OH REALLY? is that the same tune you were singing when Clinton has his cigar rammed in Monika Lewinski? methinks not. and i just LOVE how people are acting like she's a shining example of teen pregnancy, because, you know, all teenage mothers have rich politician parents that will hire nannies for them.

Fred Thompson should stick to Tom Clancy jingoistic fantasies and Dick Wolf procedurals. He's better as a pretend politician/leader than as a REAL, leader of men.

Yup, if there's anything that Hollywood actors have no interest in, it's a cocktail party.

Question for you, Dustin. Why is Quizlaw a Democrat dumping ground? I mean, what's the point of this site anymore? Your site purpose as stated is to comment on the legal stories of the day and dumb criminals.... which you do a great job of.

Why the heck do you descend into this rabid foaming at the mouth partisan hatred? I swear, even Huffington post is more sane sometimes.