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Representative Massengill

massengill.jpgBack in January, seven teenagers from a teen advisory board for the local Planned Parenthood had a meeting with Representative John Ahern in his Olympia, Washington office. Ahern is a pro-lifer, and he took this opportunity to harass the kids a little, repeatedly asking them “how many unborn babies were killed by Planned Parenthood” and wanting to know why unborn children shouldn’t have control over their bodies. According to an adult there with the teenagers, Ahern wouldn’t listen to the kids and wasn’t interested in any real dialogue.

Ok, fine. So maybe Representative Ahern is a bit of a douche. I have no problem with a letter being sent complaining about Ahern’s douchiness, or publicly razzing him. But one of the students’ parents also filed a complaint with the state ethics board, which seems a bit excessive. The board dismissed the complaint, finding it had no jurisdiction over the conversation just because some folks found the content to be offensive. Which sounds about right. He may be an offensive douche, but he’s entitled to spout his offensive douchiness.