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Remember that Time that Old Lady Ran over Herself?


This story is actually from last year, but it warrants mention because, really, how often does a woman run over her own legs in a McDonald’s drive-thru Lane?

The Phoenixville Police Department is investigating a freak accident in which a borough woman ran over both of her legs in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s Friday afternoon.
According to Cpl. Pat Mark, a black Chevrolet Blazer, driven by a 53-year-old borough woman, was in the drive-thru lane at McDonald’s around 1:55 p.m. September 28.
“For some unknown reason, her legs were run over by her vehicle,” said Mark. “We are investigating how this accident could’ve happened.”
What police are trying to determine is how the woman exited her vehicle and how her vehicle rolled over both legs.

And, as you can see in the picture above, she was taken by helicopter to the hospital. Since the story is several months old, does anyone out there in QuizLaw land know how she managed to run over herself?

(H/T to WIMB’s Stacey)

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My theory: (no knowledge)

The lady overshot the drive-thru speaker...put her vehicle in reverse instead of park. Exited the vehicle to go back to the speaker. Car door knocked her down....then vehicle ran over her legs. How's that?

raven, I like it...very plausible (or is it plausable? No, plausible. Sorry, I can't spell for crap.) Seriously though, it works for me.

Another couple of theories, since facts seem to be scarce: She or the clerk dropped her change, and she got out to pick it up with the car still in gear, slipped, etc; or maybe she stopped too far away, opened the door to reach the speaker or the window & fell out?

None of the above. It's an insurance scam. The wheels were actually made of foam and she staged it to see if she could get an eight figure settlement from McD's.

It won't work though. I tried it. I wish I had thought of the foam tire idea first though. My legs still hurt like hell when the weather changes.


Better sue GM while they still have some assets.