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“Real World” Cast Member Still in Teething Phase

paula.jpgI actually gave up watching MTV’s “The Real World” sometime after that dude in the Austin cast got walloped in the eye during what I can only imagine was a drinking game involving who could make the most absurdly banal statement about race, gender, or sexual orientation. I’m guessing the fella with the broken eye socket lost. That moment may have actually been the apex of MTV’s attempts, starting full-force in Las Vegas, to escalate the antics on “The Real World” by apparently insisting that the entire show revolve around some mythical open bar that spews its hard liquor like Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. Not that there’s anything wrong with being three tits to the wind, but MTV has a responsibility to get a more interesting cast than the folks they’ve gotten lately, who repeat an endless cycle of shots and fisticuffs before passing out halfway through a date rape.

And while it’s certainly not a low point for the any of the show’s cast members (that, arguably, would be Eric Nies’s short-lived MTV dance show, “The Grind”), this latest bit of legal trouble certainly does represent one of the silliest. Out in Connecticut, a member of this year’s Key West cast (really, MTV – just hold next year’s in a brothel, already), Paula Meronek, who is unrecognizable from the adverts in this mug shot, up and bit her goddamn boyfriend. Not once … but several times, after her boyfriend refused to let her in the house. Meronek was arraigned and charged with third-degree assault and her boyfriend was charged with disorderly conduct.

From what we here at QuizLaw understand, Paula was this year’s token anorexic, and I have to say: Biting your boyfriend certainly shows progress. I hope to hell she got some meat off that bone and that she wasn’t found, hours later, in the jail cell ladies room regurgitating the calories.

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shes stupid

I love Paula :P She is OKEY

that needs to eat some food for she breakes in half. n her nose is so ugly! i wish she had a nose job her face is soo blah anyone who disagrees can come 2 muh face n say yuh heard....