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R U Ready for Halo?

halo.jpgEver played the uber-popular video game, Halo? Yeah, me neither. However, I understand that the game’s alien civilization holds a “single-minded belief that a Great Journey awaits its faithful and that this Journey can be embarked upon by activating an array of vast, ring-like artifacts scattered throughout the Galaxy.” And apparently, Joshua R. Stetar felt that the “Great Journey” was a 40-hour trek across the country to try to rape two girls, ages 15 and 6.

Joshua R. Stetar, 20, a self-described “very conservative” Christian who hoped to someday be a Christian school teacher, used mobile text messages to threaten the girls as he drove near their home in Spokane, Wash., police said.
It came after months of stalking the older girl through hundreds of text messages, police said.
“Tell the cops that I’m gonna rape you and your sister,” Stetar allegedly wrote to the 15-year-old girl, last week.
Stetar sent packages and flowers to the older sister at her family’s home several times this year, flooded her cellphone with several hundred text messages — and even flew to Spokane on Oct. 23 to stake out the girl’s home, Kirkpatrick said.
The girl’s mother stepped in several months ago and changed her daughter’s phone number in an effort to stop Stetar’s barrage of calls and messages. But the Granville man allegedly resumed stalking the girl when he got her new number from a mutual friend, police said.
The situation came to a climax last week, when Stetar drove 40 hours west in his 1996 Oldsmobile. About 9:30 p.m. Friday, he sent a message to the 15-year-old saying that he was in a vehicle in front of her house, police said.
Six minutes later, police say, he sent the rape threat.
The girl’s parents spotted Stetar in his vehicle and called police. Officers traced the vehicle back to an Econo Lodge hotel, and arrested him there.

Stetar faces felony stalking charges. Also, he’s batshit.

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Will the mutual friend who gave crazy the girl's new cell number face felony douchebag charges?

We are going to need a new top level for crazy. Batshit just doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

Whoa. I mean, whoa.

Had the girls been camping the Spartan Laser on Snowbound? 'Cos I know that shit pisses me off something righteous, too.

First of all the girl told josh that she was 16 almost 17. She and he spoke on the phone quite often even talked of going to the movies together. It just recently came to my attention that she texted josh that she would meet him in CA this summer. She is the one to give him her new cell number. He did send gifts which the father returned but she did keep a gold, very expensive, necklace and also he sent her his learners permit and she kept that as well. She is the sleeze in this situation. He was wrong sending that message and regrets it more than anyone knows. But she is not innocent in this whole matter. Have you seen her Myspace page? Very provocative. She is loving all of the attention this is getting her too.

"She is the sleeze in this situation."
NO, she is THE CHILD.
Kids lack judgement which is why our society and our laws exist to PROTECT them. They do not make good choices for themselves.
He, at 20, is EXPECTED to act as an ADULT.