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QuizLaw’s Picture of the Day


From the Daily Mail:

Hurtling through the traffic, the cyclist probably thought he had got away with jumping a red light and nearly knocking over an elderly woman.
But the pedestrian in question was 84-year-old Tory peer Baroness Sharples who perhaps inspired by Lady Thatcher, swiftly delivered her own form of retribution.
The veteran peeress swung her handbag and landed a sharp blow to the cyclist as he whizzed past outside the House of Lords.
And she said her only regret was that she didn’t hit him harder.

Hells Yeah, Granny. Open up that jerk’s jugular … smug bicyclists and their flagrant disobedience of traffic laws, lack of consideration for walkers, and general douchebaggery.

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Was I the only one who had to look up what a peer/peeress was?

Stoopid Brits and all their royalty!

Now remember she make just short of a $100,000 per year for doing nothing, given the job for doing nothing.

She is a leech on the UK, next time the cyclist needs to aim better.