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QuizLaw’s Lessons in Film Studies

rentacop.jpgNote to future film directors: Don’t shoot your crime movie in Luanda, Angola, else you might be the one shot:

Actors were shot dead while filming crime movie. The director of an Angolan crime film says police have shot dead two of his actors after mistaking them for real armed robbers.
Director Radical Ribeiro, from the Banda Mulundi production company, said: “We saw the police pick-up speeding towards us.
“It looked empty but then suddenly it stopped and people appeared on the back and without asking any questions they started shooting at everybody at close range.
The director said that the actors were carrying firearms, but without any ammunition.
He said: “I was stunned when I saw them falling down. They went on shooting until I shouted out, ‘Please don’t shoot, this is a movie’.”
The officers then stopped firing and left without attending to the injured, who were taken to hospital, Mr Ribeiro said.

Also, never shoot a love scene in on a Hollywood backlot; those rent-a-cops are always joining in and asking questions later.