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QuizLaw’s Blawger Hotties Contest

latte.jpgWe here at QuizLaw like David Lat. He seems like an uber-swell guy, the type of Yalie who would give up a prestigious law firm career to work for the government, and then give that up to blog full time (so far as we can tell). And a guy who gives up $150K+ a year to wax poetic about legal industry news, clerkships, or a judge’s masturbation habits is a guy we can totally get behind. Plus, it’s fantastic that there’s someone out there to bring the Gawker sensibility to an otherwise largely conventional or humorless section of the blogosphere, especially when all we can muster is our own second-rate Pajiba-like sensibility.

And though his efforts to highlight the few of the more aesthetically tolerable ERISA lawyers gained a small amount of controversy, we applaud Lat for boldly objectifying all four qualifying “hotties.” And now Abovethelaw — in another blog-stunt (and it’s not even sweeps yet!) — has decided to run a similar contest in an effort to find the Hottest Law School Dean in America (we humbly suggest our own law school’s current dean, Maureen O’Rourke, who should have her own Van Halen video). We say Kudos! once again.

Indeed, in the spirit of Above the Law’s “Hotties” Contest, we’ve decided to run our own similarly themed competition for “Hottest Blawger.” But, because we’re not trying to court controversy, we’re going to skip the whole nomination and voting process, and just arrive with our winner. After all, no offense, but Eugene Volokh, Peter Lattman, Ann Althouse, Walter Olson, Stephen Bainbridge, and Glen Reynolds — while fantastic Blawgers — aren’t exactly melting any panties, though we’d probably offer Howard Bashman and Jeremy Blachman as our honorable mentions.

latte2.jpgIt’s really not much of a contest, though. QuizLaw’s Hottest Blawger is, without a doubt, the aforementioned David Lat. We’re unabashedly heterosexual males here at QL (suggested by the many Hooters stories we run), but I have to confess a little bit of a man-crush on Lat. We’ve only found two available photos of him, but it’s obvious that he’s a dapper young man. He’s a little short for our tastes, but he’s so nicely dressed, and his hair is so well-coifed, that it’s just too hard to resist him. And that pink umbrella – well, it just has a way of magically bringing out his winning smile. Add to that his straight teeth; broad nose; proportional ears; rounded chin; those dark, mysterious eyes; and his beautiful glowing skin, and I think the choice was more or less made for us.

Just admit ladies and gentlemen, David Lat is fucking H-A-W-T! And by any account I’ve come across, he’s single, available, AND loves Scalia. If that’s not a man you want to bring home to Mom, well, I dunno who is.

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Lat is gay. Sorry.

yup, def. a pickle smoker.

Ludicrous. Did I even make the semi-finals? Hmm? "Hottest" in what sense -- radioactive hot, or "I'd fuck her even if she IS pushing 40" hot?

Because... hon...

Puh. Leeze.