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QuizLaw Pop Quiz

All right, this afternoon I have a very simple assignment for you. Simply listen to this snippet, which comes from Sean Hannity’s radio show. A call-in listener asks Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani a simple question about gun laws. Listen carefully to his answer, and then answer the question below.

After listening to the segment, can you tell me where Rudy Giuliani received his legal education?

A. Yale
B. Harvard
C. New York University School of Law
D. The back of a box of Fruit Loops

Of course, it’s a trick question. While Giuliani attended New York University School of Law in the ‘50s, he obviously received his legal education from Toucan Sam, who never quite had a firm understanding of the Bill of Rights.

(Hat Tip: Bowl of Stupid)

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So, so sad...

Wow that sucks.