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Popcorn lung?

popcorn.jpgA Denver-area man has filed a lawsuit against the Kroger chain of grocery stores. Seems that Wayne Watson is a lover of the microwave popcorn. And he claims that his regular intake of the tasty treat and, in particular, its butter flavoring, has given him popcorn lung.

The condition is said to be caused by the artificial butter flavoring chemical that previously sickened only popcorn factory workers … Hundreds of workers have said they have severe lung disease or other respiratory illnesses from inhaling the chemical vapors while mixing large vats of flavors. The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, states that the companies failed to warn consumers about inhaling the aroma.

Because it wasn’t obvious that the crap they put on popcorn probably isn’t so good for you?

And we wonder why our country is getting fatter and fatter and fatter.

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So wait, this country is getting fatter and fatter because some guy who likes buttered popcorn got popcorn lung? What?

Logic train ------------> there it goes

Fuck. If microwave butter flavoring is hurting workers it should be illegal. I hope this brings some attention to the plight of those poor workers.

man, if he's actually getting a lung disorder from a chemical given in miniscule amounts per bag, compared to employees who only get it from the massive thousand+ gallon vats of the shit at their factories, then he's eating way too fucking much popcorn.

you're right, its people like this that make other people think americans are too fat.

Actually, it's all those fat Americans who make other people think Americans are fat.

Same as with all those rude Germans and cowardly Frenchies.

What the hell do poison popcorn fumes have to do with being fat? I'm pretty sure I have seen skinny people eating microwave popcorn. Give me a break. And they should have to warn people of the possible effects breathing that crap can cause to your lungs, I mean look how well the warnings have worked on cigarettes.