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People Really Will Believe Anything

Kill_Whitey2.jpgTrue or not, if you say it often enough, people will start to believe it, which is why Barack Obama, for so long, has had to fight off rumors that he was Muslin.

Well, now comes Fox News (and the right-wing blogosphere) with something even more absurd. They are hyping the existence of a video, in which Michelle Obama goes off on “Whitey,” a video they say is exactly the bombshell that Hillary is waiting for to derail his campaign. Roger Stone, a Republican strategist, despite never having seen the video, is now claiming that there is credible evidence that it exists. And, yes: It would hurt the Obama campaign, irreparably. But, according to the Daily Kos, the video in question includes these lines:

Why did Bush cut folks off medicaid? Why did Bush let New Orleans drown? Why did Bush do nothing about Jena? Why did Bush put us in Iraq for no reason?
How you’d say it:
Why’d he cut folks off medicaid? Why’d he let New Orleans drown? Why’d he do nothing about Jena? Why’d he put us in Iraq for no reason?

Nevermind that she’s saying “Why’d he” and not “Whitey,” it doesn’t matter. Roger Stone, Fox News, and those fuckers have put it out there that she’s saying “Whitey.” And before the video even pops up, this will filter out into the country — via Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly — and, for a large contingent of people who want to believe it’s true, it will become true.

How freakin’ disgusting is this? Despicable.

It’s going to be a long general election campaign.

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You mean Obama is not made of a plain-woven sheer to coarse cotton fabric?

Heh. The problem really is that people will believe Michelle Obama would say such a thing. How many times has the Left said something about "I don't care if it is technically false, the greater truth is that" ... Bush is a draft dodger, for instance. Remember Dan Rather, for whom the story is "fake but accurate?"

Perhaps Michelle Obama shouldn't be on record as being the type of person everyone can readily see as saying this stuff.

For the record, though, I don't think this video exists. The original source is a Hillary supporter who claims to have heard that the Republicans have it.

No, actually I heard he believes in satin.

It doesn't even make any sense! "Whitey cut folks off medicaid? Whitey let New Orleans Drown?"! For Christs sake people, she's Michelle Obama, not the Incredible Hulk! Whitey make me angry! Obama Smash!

From the same folks who brought you Chocolate City...and the same person who said "I haven't been happy about my country until now"...yeah, white people are so gullible. Sheesh.

If the Kos rumors that the content of the tape are accurate, you're missing the forest from the trees. Do you think American people believe or want to hear that tripe she is peddling? Or that they will vote for candidate who's spouse is a conspiracy spewing hatemonger who only recently, when her husband might become President, decided she was proud of her country?

It's a disaster if it comes out and those words are said. Total disaster. You can hate America, you just can't say it. The media has protected Mr. Obama so far. No protection for this tape. And, I'll quote Roger Stone here: "One man's dirty trick is another man's practice of democracy." If a tape of Cindy McCain was produced saying that "All ______s are ______,", and a Soros-funded group produced it, I am sure that would be lauded as "democracy in action." So get off your damn high horse. Your candidate is inexperienced and full of holes - and he's going to lose.

Is there anyone out there who still believes that we're not in a titanic struggle of good versus evil?

Jesus Keerist! These people will say and do ANYTHING to hold on to the power they stole. This kind of malignity isn't believed by the originators of it even for a second, but they use it simply to motivate their fear driven, dumb shit constituency! And we let them get away with it!

By the way, "Vance" continues to be a pussy name!

This is exactly why I write in "Alfred E. Neuman" every presidential election.

The Daily Kos is the least reliable, least credible, most biased, least truthful source in the piece - by a wide margin.

If the Daily Kos says it is false, then that is almost conclusive evidence that it is true.