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Our current favorite politician - Representative Dana Rohrabacher

Rohra.jpgRepresentative Rohrabacher is a Republican California district, and he also has the pleasure of sitting on a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee. Last week, said subcommittee was having a hearing on the Bush administration’s policy of secreting terror suspects off to Egypt and Syria to be tortured.

Rohrabacher apparently likes this policy, as he defended it throughout the hearing, going after witnesses testifying that this rendition policy actually hurts our ability to prosecute terrorists. The highlight of his attack came after audience members groaned in response to his statement that it was okay if we wind up wrongly torturing an innocent person if it means getting 50 terrorists who might kill 20,000 people. He responded to the groans by saying:

Well, I hope it’s your families, I hope it’s your families that suffer the consequences.

Think Progress has the video of this exchange, as well as the subsequent protest, and Rohrabacher comes off looking like a real champ (although my favorite part of the video is actually watching the aides sitting behind Rohrabacher, who have some of the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen). This is why he’s our current favorite politician.

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Their eyes are dead because they wish they were back at his ocean-front office in Huntington Beach.

Sadly, this will just boost his political career, since the soccer moms in the OC espouse the same views.

Good to see my hometown Rep. doin' me proud...

The problem is that torture gives you bad intel. They will tell you whatever you want to hear just to make it stop. John McCain has said as much and he knows firsthand. Also, create more enemies that now are terrorists, even if they werent before the stay at US Torture Hotel.