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OMG!! What are you guys, like, doing um, next weekend?

britney_spears1_300_400.jpg‘Cause evidently Britney has some pearls of wisdom to bestow. Following the incredibly horrible reception of her last attempt, Britney Spears is trying it again with a new documentary film, the brilliantly-titled and, I’m sure, thoughtfully conceived, “For the Record,” which is set to air on MTV on Nov. 30. Evidently, she feels she’s recently had some time to reflect on the past five years and develop some insight into the events and her psyche. Stuff like, you know, how she “married for all the wrong reasons.” Like what reasons, Britney? “Instead of following my heart and, like, doing something that made me really happy. I just did it because … for just, like, the idea of everything.” Oh. Right.

Other choice quotes include this gem: “It’s weird because your music is a reflection of what you’re going through,” “It’s such a part of me, the record, ‘cause of what I’ve gone through.”

Huh. Doesn’t sound too weird to me…but you know what is kind of strange? These quotes have started to remind me of someone. Can anybody say Palin-Spears 2012?