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OMG! OMG! The Nation is (Slowly) Opening Its Eyes

barack_obamaddd.jpgNew polls are out this morning, and while the majority of them still show a dead heat (a Gallup poll yesterday had McCain up by one, a Reuters poll had Obama up by two this morning), they all seem to be trending toward Obama. The convention bounce actually does seem to be fading, and John McCain’s ability to stick his foot in his mouth over the last 48 hours (“the fundamentals of the economy are still strong”) has created a huge opening for Obama, who finally (finally) had the testicles to take advantage. These polls don’t even take into account Carly Fiorina’s foot-in-mouth statement yesterday, claiming that neither Palin nor the other candidates could run a corporation. Nor do they take into account McCain’s boneheaded idea to create a commission to study the financial crisis.

But, personally, the numbers I found most heartwarming came from a poll I saw on Sarah Palin’s favorable/unfavorables. She has a 44 percent approval rating, and a 45 percent unfavorable rating, which is something like a 10 point swing in the last week. Clearly, her star is starting to fade, and the interview with Charlie Gibson, the Troopergate scandal, the lies on the Bridge to Nowhere and the eBay plane, and the tanning bed installed in the Governor’s mansion, et al., are starting to take their toll. In fact, Palin now has the highest unfavorables among any candidate, while Obama has the highest favorables (at 55).

The point: Things are looking up, folks. Perhaps, yesterday, I didn’t give the mass electorate enough credit. Shame on me. But, come on: They did vote for Bush. Twice.

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did you see this yet?? rape victims are a burden to taxpayers, but making me pay school taxes for your fucking brood when I hate children is a-okay.


That's because when a woman is raped, she was asking for it, but when a couple has a child, it is a miracle from god and not their responsibility.

See? What did I tell you?

what if the baby grows up mean and rapes his mom? then what is it?

Snarla, in Florida it's called Tuesday.

Clearly, her star is starting to fade...

I told you so. She was shiny and new and distracting, and now she's a repulsive known quantity. Still, thank god people are seeing this. I hope they get decimated in November, and Palin is blamed for it so that she can never hope for national office. Because otherwise you know she'll run again, this time for the top spot....

Heh. You know, it would be worth it to see McCain win just so you liberal nutcases can commit suicide on live TV. I'm surprised you guys haven't died from all the poison running through your veins yet--it certainly comes running out of your mouth.

Making you liberals live under President Palin would be worth it, just to see your heads explode. But then, it's highly likely many of you would get killed by the Secret Service, because I honestly believe a President Palin would drive the DailyKos and Huffington post types so frothing, rabid mad that you would literally try to kill her before she took office.

There's nothing left on the left except hate--sheer, unadulterated hate. I seriously believe that Dustin and his ideological bedfellows would rather have Iran take over America than see a prosperous America underneath a Republican administration. Just look at Columbia's response to the Iranian wacko, and the outright hate and slander on this site for a Republican woman.

Everytime we hear from you Vance, I imagine this creaking noise from you coming out of your mom's basement. What a sniveling little bitch you are.

Did I mention you probably never get laid?

BTW, can some define ad hominum for me?

"You liberal nutcases can commit suicide on live TV"

"There's nothing left on the left except hate"

Screw "ad hominum" (though you're right); somebody please explain irony to Vanceone.

By the way Vance, I don't hate you. Your rants always make me smile.

I just feel kind of bad for Vance. I mean, he probably spends all day waiting for a post like this to come along and then thinking of some stupid thing to say and then checking back every 10 minutes or so to see if he has gotten any sort of reaction.

He probably lives for this shit...which is just, well, sad.

Keep your chin up, Vance. I'm with Matt D on this. I ain't mad at ya - I just think your impotent and misplaced rage is rather pathetic.

OK, now I'm starting to feel bad about bitch slapping Vance.... Wait, it's gone

And now you can add the fact that McCain can't tell the president of Spain from those other pesky Spanish-speakers in Latin America...

And now you can add the fact that McCain can't tell the president of Spain from those other pesky Spanish-speakers in Latin America...

Is Vance here because the conservatives kicked him out of the club?

I think he just likes stirring the anthill. His post read like very fine satire to me! Picture Stephen Colbert reading that post. You'll see what I mean.

You know Vance, maybe if we were living in a "prosperous America" your argument would hold more sway? I don't suppose you've looked at the financials lately?

And for someone who posts regularly on a law blog you should probably know the difference between alleged slander and alleged libel.