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OMG! If Obama’s Stimulus Package Doesn’t Pass, We’re All Going to Lose Our Jobs. Twice!

Well, at least according to Nancy Pelosi, who believes that, without the package, “500 million” of us will lose our jobs. That’s more than twice the working population of America.

We’re deep sh*t, folks.

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This "lady" is dumber than a bucket of rocks. How in the hell do people like her get into office. Lady...and I use this term lightly...your democratic stimulus package is going to put us into a deep depression. I suppose she doesn't understand the word INFLATION.

And that's EVERY MONTH! Not only will we all be fired twice, they're going to keep firing us over and over and over again. Man, "they" just really like kicking the American public while it's down.

Personaly I think Obama should just let the economy crash. I mean the middle class is already destroyed anyway. So the upper Class would be the ones losing Big, which is exactly what they deserve. I'd get a front row seat to watch those greedy selfish jerks jump out windows.