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OK, Now It’s Getting Out of Hand

orphandddd.jpgSince a poorly drafted “safe haven” law went into effect in Nebraska this past summer, 21 teenaged kids have been abandoned by their parents at area hospitals.The law was meant to allow parents of infants to drop them off in a safe and secure place — similar laws have been enacted in a number of states and many foreign countries.

However, due to the lack of an age limit in the legislation, lawmakers were surprised to learn that the law protects parents of older children, too. While work on an amendment is already underway, as word has spread of the unique law, parents have been coming from far and wide to avail themselves of the opportunity to get rid of their kids. Its easy to make light of this, but whether parents are making the decision to abandon their children on the basis of economic realities, interpersonal or behavioral issues, or for other, more selfish reasons, its pretty sobering to consider what it would mean in the life of a preteen or teenager to be left on the stoop at the E.R.

Most recently, a mother drove all the way from Georgia to leave her 12-year old son at a hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Yes, but when are they going to pass a law that allows us to drop off our parents? My mother is on Day 3 of a 14 day visit, and I tell you, I can't take much more.

By the way, the reason there is no age limit is that the ultra conservative legislators in Nebraska would not agree to an age limit when the law was under debate on the basis that if they agreed to "age cut-offs" they would be "opening the door to abortion" since it could be seen as supportive of delineating when a fetus bcomes a child (because you know, science doesn't matter).

My final word on this is that sad as it is, if a parent is that willing to get rid of an older child, perhaps it's a better long-term option for the child than to remain in a hime where he/she is clearly resented/not wanted, etc.

I'm not sure if it's better or worse that according to the link, 9 of the kids were left by the same guy. To add a disturbing cherry on top, the guy had 10 kids but decided to keep one of them. Talk about playing favorites.


I'm sure I will get a lot of crap for saying this, but this is why I'm pro-choice. Please don't have children if you cannot take care of them. I don't care if the economy is going into the crapper. You don't abandon your children!!! The religious pro-life freaks should ADOPT ALL of these kids! Who abandons their kids??? The parents should be put in jail or get a good spanking!

Roni: In fairness to the guy who abandoned 9 children, his wife died last year and he appears to have been undergoing severe depression ever since. After the case became known, several relatives came forward to take the children and offer him some support for his issues.


The worst part is (and I know my frequency of posting on this issue is a little high), it seems that many of the cases are women whose boyfriends don't want the complications of children. I suppose abandoning them is better than pulling a Sarah Smith, but I agree with you. You know Switzerland requires a 12-hour test before a person is permitted to own a dog.

"Please don't have children if you cannot take care of them."

Please don't have sex with guys you do not desire to father your children..

"You don't abandon your children!!!"

Better to change the locks, or better yet move while they are at school.

"The religious pro-life freaks should ADOPT ALL of these kids!"

How about the libtards that think every puppy on the street would make a cool pet?

"Who abandons their kids???"

Assholes, or others that really can't provide for them. Not their fault the day after pill was refused them by some zealot behind the counter, or the free condoms broke. Cuz she was like really hot for it, ya know? Oh and same type of assholes that would throw their parents under the bus, like paddydog, oh and of course Obama did that too.

"The parents should be put in jail or get a good spanking!"

Bet most would take the spanking!

I wrote: Please don't have children if you cannot take care of them.

TC-"Please don't have sex with guys you do not desire to father your children..."

You can have sex w/out getting pregnant. I've been having sex (not for the past year but...) for over 15 years, and I have never been pregnant. PROTECTION, PROTECTION, PROTECTION!

The liberals adopting pets off the street didn't make any sense to me. I guess it would make sense if you're trying to say that liberals CARE about animals.

The cognitive dissonance with the "anti-choice" crowd is hilarious. They insist on abstinence-only sex education in school, which not only has been proven to be ineffective but has been linked with more dangerous sexual behavior (like anal sex) because such a taboo is built around traditional, vaginal sex.

So they support programs that don't effectively reduce the rate of unmarried teens having sex, but do leave those teens uninformed and uneducated in how to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and STDs. Then, once these teens invariably get knocked up (an event that is far more common in our so called "red states") they want to make it illegal for the families to make a personal, private decision that may result in the termination of the pregnancy.

In fact, these lunatics even want to outlaw the "morning after" pill which simply prevents the possibly fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall; don't give me any of that crap about heartbeats, organs, fingers and toes; we're talking about a zygote here; a microscopic cluster of cells.

It's a completely contradictory philosophy that can only result in more pregnancies and, if they get their way, more births to the young, unprepared, and poor.

I could get behind the whole "anti-choice" crowd a little more if maybe if they were at least a tiny bit consistent, and it's not just on the whole sex education vs. abortion thing. Abortion is murder, but it's OK to vote for the warmonger who drops bombs on schools and hospitals because those are "collateral damage" or "acceptable losses". I heard a guy at work who describes himself as "violently anti-abortion" (how's that for irony?) say that the solution to our problems in the middle east is to nuke the entire region into a crater. Ya for pro-life! The government shouldn't charge taxes because they have no business telling us how to spend our money, but they should have jurisdiction over my daughter's reproductive organs. What?

Bunch of fucking loons.