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OK, maybe Florida isn’t entirely worthless

pink-bus.jpg…After all, this “Brothel Bus” sounds pretty solid. For $40, folks could ride a sleek bus down Collins Ave, complete with open bar, lap dances, a curtained-off VIP section and a bit of sucky-sucky or fucky-fucky (everything but the open bar cost extra, of course). But the good time ride is over, now that undercover cops have busted the not-so-free ride.

The bus driver was charged with transporting for the purpose of prostitution and possession of a controlled substance (he had some Viagra on him, presumably for customers having trouble getting their Miami beached). But I love what the six women on the bus were charged with — violating a dance hall ordinance. It’s like fucking Flashdance all over again, man!

(Hat tip to Harlan over at Supreme Dicta.)

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Check Smoking Gun for the mugshots. Shutting it down was a public service.

I personally like how an ad for the Mormon church is on the side of the article.