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Ok, explain this to me

cigar-bar.jpgLook, I get the idea of banning smoking in the normal workplace. Workers didn’t sign-up to work in a smokey joint that’s bad for their health. And I get the idea of banning smoking in bars and restaurants, because, again, workers shouldn’t have to breathe the fumes, nor should all the non-smoking customers. Totally get it.

But what the fuck is the Nanny State doing banning smoking bars? Boston just put the kibosh on all cigar and hookah bars (though they’ll have 10-20 years before they have to shutter up), joining 50+ communities across the country that have banned private smoking clubs.

But customers and employees know what they’re signing up for with smoking bars. It’s in the fucking name!

The chairwoman of the commission says that this is about making the city as healthy as possible. Ok, so are they going to ban the gazillion Dunkin Donuts in the city? Shut down all the fast food joints?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Fucking Nanny State bullshit.

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I hope this is overturned. It sounds illegal.

You should come to Calgary.
Up until last year, you could smoke IN the bar, but NOT on the patio - come for the food! stay for the diesel fumes!

Now not only can you not smoke anywhere indoors (including in your car if kids are present in some communities) you still can't smoke on a bar's patio. So here's what happens: sit on patio, drink with friends, need smoke, go outside, stand next to table on sidewalk, lean on railing, continue talking with friends, smoke, go back inside and onto the patio, sit down.

I don't miss smoking indoors, I really don't. I just don't understand how people who engage in a legal activity allow themselves to be ghettoized like this.

Also? Tired of the mess created by lack of outdoor ashtrays.

Agreed, these laws are nonsense. Frankly, smoking should be treated the same as alcohol: restaurants, bars, etc should be required to get a "Smoking License". Pay a high fee, require safety mechanisms to be in place for your staff (blowers behind the bar to keep smoke out) and have done with it.

Better yet, allow people to smoke in the dunkin doughnuts or mcdonalds. BAM!

M - that sounds like a brilliant idea, which means it will never happen.