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Ok, check this S.O.B. out…

chainGang.jpgSo Philip A. Giordano used to be the mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut. In fact, he was a three-term mayor who had held the office for almost six years. But that all came crashing down in 2001. He became involved in a federal corruption investigation, and while the feds didn’t find anything pinpointing him as dirty, they did find evidence that he was dirty. So in July 2001 he was arrested under various federal charges stemming from allegations that he sexually abused two underage girls and violated their civil rights. The dirtball got a 37 year sentence, and one would hope that he would quietly rot in the clink.

But apparently not one to go quietly, Giordano has written the current mayor’s special counsel, insisting that he is owed over $60,000 by the city for sick days, personal days and vacation pay! To his dismay, the mayor’s chief of staff says the town will not be paying: “It’s not authorized in the charter and we’re not obligated to give him sick time, and therefore we wouldn’t even entertain this idea.”

Just an idea Philip, but if you’re that hard-up for money, surely there must be something you have in prison that you could sell for some smokes. Maybe the same thing you took from those girls like, say, your sexual dignity, you scumbum.