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Oh yeah? Well. We. Can. Better.

Whatever with Obama and his Yes.We.Can. nonsense. This right here is the real video of the election. And if you can make it past the 55-second mark, you’re a better man than I. Even if you’re a woman.

Hat tip to friend of our sister site Beckyloo, who’s seen the error of her stumping-for-Obama ways, over at If a TV Falls in the Woods.

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Oh wow. The dancing. I couldn't take my eyes off that... that dancing...

And that little girl singing, was her mic even on?

Oh...god...I just barely made it to :57 before I had to violently leave the room...

Ouch, this looks like a cheesy talk show intro. Very cringeworthy.

Oh I get it! They're like the Jackson 5. Except creepier. Is that even possible? That's like saying you'd like to have a date on love connection with Richard Ramirez because the other 2 guys gave you the willies.

I think the Jacksons should sue for the blantant ripoff where they say "Hil - a - ry..." It's obvious that should be "A-B-C..." in there.

Shit brown t-shirts say it all.

I made it to :33.....wow

I want a woman president, believe me. No one wants one more than I do, but dear God, please don't let it be HER!

It was only lacking the immeasurable talents of Miss Heidi Montag. That would have clinched it for me.

I made it to :32.

Wow, that's so lame it DEFINES lame! Horrible.


I watched the entire thing, because I am a masochist.

Made it to the 36 second mark.

Scarred for life.

Pain won't stop.

Please god make it stop.

(I swear to god if that gets stuck in my head I'll hold y'all personally accountable. The horror..........)

If you watched the campaign documentary Journeys with George, you would have seen that George Bush is good at orange bowling, schmoozing journalists, and fairly decent at giving out nicknames.

This video clip shows that Hillary Clinton is not very good at singing or, it must be said, marketing herself.

Do you really think that either of those things have an actual relevant basis in the White House?

In their shared time in the Senate, Clinton and Obama have voted alike 94 percent of the time. His own publicist has said that the Democratic voter is basically choosing between two oranges.

If you are voting for Obama, it seems that you are choosing personality over experience. I choose experience.

This is an embarrassing video, but I still think that Hillary is the best and most qualified candidate for the next President of the United States.

I watched the whole damn thing. I am the best of men.

I lasted 10 seconds. The dancers scare me.

Wait, wasn't that a clip from IFC's Whitest Kids You Know?

Ok, I finished it. It was horribly embarrasing. I had to watch it from from behind my computer chair. I now understand that Hillary was not singing,and that I should know what the subject matter is before I comment.

I stand behind all the other words in my post, though. Heh.

I started thinking I couldn't take it any more at about 0:24, but managed to soldier on for another 14 seconds. The beginning of the first verse was just too brutal for me to handle.

Was that supposed to be real? I was waiting for somebody to yell "Live! It's Saturday Night!" at the end.

Made it to 1:11!! Woohoo!! Wait.. I can't see... I'M BLIND!!! ARGGHHH!!!

And she wonders why she lost the black vote......

Seeing as I need a fair dose of rageohol to start my day, I'm putting this song on my alarm clock.

[wipes mouth with back of hand]
fuck, that was awful...

1:16 before I wanted to kill puppies and small children. Fuck. And of course, the damn thing's gonna be stuck in my head all night at work. I work in a tv station, too, so I'll be seeing Hilary clips all night. Motherfucaoq8w9-asdfoka[psdufop;afds

Sorry. I lost it there at the end...

Um, Hillary wasn't singing here. And Hillary didn't make this. Someone who is a super fan did - and yes, they make songs that bite. If you look the film footage they used it is obviously from actual Hillary events...but they aren't singing this song; the lips don't match what we hear!

I know that, clarity. That's why I wrote that second post, to clarify that after I mananged to watch the whole thing. Thanks for making sure, though!


You know times are hard when a follow up to Obamas video came in with this cheezy package for Hillary. No class to it at all. It's a joke.