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Oh Florida, you never disappoint

florida.jpgSo I clicked on this link at Jacksonville.com for a story from the Times-Union, and it turns out there were two stories on that page and, well, they’re both Florida winners.

A man robbed in the checkout line at a Westside gas station Friday night had his car stolen from him by different men a few moments later. Paul Gibbs was in the BP gas station on Ramona Boulevard when, he told police, an unknown man snatched the $35 he was carrying in his hand. Gibbs drove after the suspect and then chased him on foot, leaving his keys in the vehicle when he parked it and got out on Faith Memorial Road. As he chased the first man, police said, two other men got in the car and drove off with the vehicle.


A man who was shot in the buttocks while working on a car Friday night had a bag of marijuana fall out of his pants into the hands of the responding police officer. Charles Thompson, 42, told police that an unknown man walked up behind him and shot him near Spring Grove and West 44th streets. After paramedics removed his pants at Shands Jacksonville and handed them to the officer, the drugs fell out of the front pocket, police said. A police report indicated Thompson hadn’t been given a notice to appear in court because he had been taken into surgery. The report also indicated that he would qualify for charges. Witnesses said Thompson and the shooter were talking before the incident.