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Of the two things that are inevitable, doesn’t death seem like the rosier one sometimes?

braveH.jpgThe other inevitability is, of course, taxes. And according to this account, iTunes taxes for everyone are just around the corner. Seventeen states already tax digital downloads, and many others are considering similar legislation, with MA, WY and WA all looking at pending bills. As the blog post points out, states can only tax businesses that are physically within that state, so most of us haven’t felt much of any crunch from these taxes just yet. But it’s only a matter of time before Congress gets its grubby mits into the pie, and then you can kiss your tax-free downloads goodbye.

On the plus side, new legislation in California, which would’ve put a whopping 25% tax on local porn, including internet porn, was kiboshed. So they may tax your music, but they’ll never tax … your poooooooorn.