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Of Hollywood and the Law

theWood.jpgCBS and Jack Osbourne are being sued by a gal in Muncie, Indiana, which is where the reality show “Armed & Famous” was filmed (that was the show where Osbourne, Ponch and other also-ran “celebrities” joined the local police force). The lady is suing CBS and Osbourne (along with the production company and several Muncie officials) for $1 million because she was left in handcuffs for 30 minutes while cops looked for a fugitive and tore her apartment up, before deciding they were at the wrong place and taking off. Footage of the woman in cuffs appeared on the show, but there was no explanation of the incident being a mistake. Her attorney puts it this way: “This is not a dime to CBS. If they want to make a circus of police shows, they ought to be held accountable.” Oh, well if this money doesn’t matter to CBS, not being a drop in the network’s bucket, how exactly would your $1 million verdict help hold the network accountable? I declare money-grubbing shenanigans.

Meanwhile, the Second Circuit has told the FCC to fuck off, saying that the FCC’s rulings on profanity are “arbitrary and capricious.” Specifically, the court agreed with television networks that the FCC’s enforcement seems inconsistent and unpredictable with regard to impromptu profanities uttered during a broadcast (such as Bono’s well-publicized use of “fucking brilliant” in reference to U2’s Golden Globe win in 2003). The FCC Chairman was, shockingly, unhappy: “I view this as having a significant impact on our ability to enforce our indencency regime as to any restrictions on language.” But an unnamed network exec gave the more realistic spin on this: “It just means on the rare occasions where we might make a mistake or error despite our best efforts, it’s going to be harder for the commission to cite that as indecency.”

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Money-grubbing, maybe, but it's still kind of fucked up that she appeared on television without it being revealed that it was a mistake. Then again, the whole premise of the show is fucked up. Then again, I guess she would have had to sign a release form, right? My head hurts...