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Obama Loves Peach Cobbler. Communists Love Peach Cobbler. Coincidence?

I think not.

Seven years ago, Barry appeared on a restaurant review show and so dominated the conversation that the producers decided not to air it.


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This is a great show. We watch it every week. The best part is when one of the people doesn't like the other person's restaurant selection and they get really passive aggressive about their review while the first person becomes really defensive.

1. I loved this show when I lived in Chicago
2. They were reviewing the Dixie Kitchen in Hyde Park, one of my absolute favorites. I'm totally going to be craving their fried green tomatoes and peach cobbler all day. Damn you, Quizlaw.

OMG, when I first saw the title... I'm from Hungary, and in my mother language, Peach means - 'barack'. Pronunced as Baratsk.