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Now they’re arresting people for being fiscally conservative?

smart-money.jpgJohn Daniel Miller III just can’t catch a break. The 55-year-old Texas man likes himself some weed. But the economy’s rough right now, in case you haven’t heard, and weed don’t come cheep. So Miller did what any smartly frugal man would do, and began growing his own weed. And for this, he’s now been arrested.

Of course, the genius was growingover 70 plants along the side of his driveway. When the deputies showed up to take him in, Miller apparently said that he knew they’d be coming for him “sooner or later,” so at least he went into this cost-savings plan with open eyes. Blood-shot open eyes, but open eyes nonetheless.

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Of all the law in this country that I dislike on principle, the laws against drug use are at the tippy-top, right next to seat belt laws. These laws are in such direct violation of the principles of freedom that the country was founded on.

I agree, we should be past this already. Haven't we learned that prohibition doesn't work in America?