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Nothing Says I Love You like Decapitation

gomez.jpgA man was arrested last week for decapitating his ex-girlfriend’s therapy dog. Anthony Gomez (that beautiful hunk of a man to your left) was charged with felony animal cruelty and torture, after he took 17-year-old Crystal Brown’s four-year-old Australian shepherd out into the woods and filmed video, with his cell phone, of some other men allegedly cutting the dog’s head off with a chainsaw.

The story, however, doesn’t end there. I guess Gomez was jealous because Crystal Brown was dating another man (and honestly, wouldn’t you? Seriously – take a look at that guy; it looks like his chin is about to eat his face off), so – after cutting the dog’s head off – he put it in a box, wrapped it with nice wrapping paper, and stuck the box on her porch. Brown discovered it, opened it up, and I presume she was horrified. (I believe her exact words were: “What’s in the box? What’s in the box?”)

But Gomez did leave some Valentine’s candy inside the box too. Aw, fuck it: All is forgiven, Anthony. There’s nothing sweeter than a decapitated dog head and some pink candy that says, “Be Mine – Or Else, You Dumb Bitch.” It’s spring time, folks – can’t you feel the love in the air?

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Personally, I prefer Justin Timberlake's box more this guy, who looks like the bartender from Three Amigos and is more creepy than El Guapo doing the nasty with Ned Nederlander, but hey, that's just me.

That poor, poor animal. You can't say that it didn't experience pain and fear in its' last moments.

He needs to be locked away. It's pets one day, people the next.

It's Hurley from Lost!