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Not the funniest thing on the YouTube…

…but it’ll do, pig. It’ll do.

(Hat tip to reader J.C.)

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That was awesome. Speaking for Canada, we'll take you.

I hate this. I'm a big fat liberal and I hate this. The whole "If X then I'll move to Canada" thing is a shining example of why we lose elections. This "America? I could take it or leave it!" mentality is why Republicans get to have a monopoly on loving their country.

And yes, I get that it's a joke. But we're running against an unbalanced psychopath and an unqualified pit bull, and we're still barely beyond the margin of error in battleground states. Something is deeply deeply wrong. It is absurd that they can argue and get traction with arguments like, "their candidate and his supporters don't love America." And statements like this justify their lies.

While it's a cute little foul-mouthed dittie, the implications and allegations made (dinosaurs, book burning, etc.) are not factual. Also if Canada's Socialist health-care system is so great, why do so many Canadians travel to the USA with their money to purchase diagnostic tests and medical care that they cannot obtain on a timely basis in Canada?

Don't hate, dudes!