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Nobody puts Baby on a t-shirt

dDancing.jpgNobody is going to try to claim that Dirty Dancing is great art. Actually, that’s not true — I’m sure that there are totally folks who would try to argue this. Nobody should, that’s my point. However, it is responsible for the rather well known line “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Delivered in the flick by Patrick Swayze, in the way only Swayze can, the quote has become a favorite of many in my generation, and managed to sneak onto AFI’s list of the top 100 movie quotes as entrant number 98. So it comes as no surprise that there are many places where you can buy clothes and other items with the quote on it.

Although it’s now come as a surprise to some of those retailers that Lionsgate, the film studio behind the flick, isn’t such a fan of the unlicensed merchandise. Last Wednesday the studio filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against 15 companies and retail websites, all of which allegedly sell merchandise with the popular quote without properly licensing the phrase. Lionsgate is seeking permanent injunctions and, of course, moolah.

It’s also trying to find out where Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey’s original nose is, and is seeking its return as well.

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Since the actual line is "Nobody puts Baby in a corner", are the sites and merchandisers using "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" ok or are they also in jeopardy from this litigation? Just curious how broad this can go. Thanks!