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No Wonder He’s So Mesmerized by Plinko

The new “Price is Right” host, Drew Carey, is not just an advocate for medical marijuana, he’s a buyer!

Good for Drew.

(Video After the Jump)

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Heh. I liked this.

Drug laws are completely arbitrary. When you rate a drug based on it's negative affects (potential for addiction, impact on health, impact on society, etc) marijuana is below tobacco and alcohol (which are both well below heroine and cocaine). There is no justifiable reason why marijuana is illegal while other drugs like tobacco and alcohol remain legal for adults, especially when you consider the documented, provable negative impacts that tobacco and alcohol have had and continue to have on health (e.g. liver disease, lung cancer, heart disease) and society (e.g. alcohol abuse, abusive alcoholics, drunk driving, second hand smoke).

This is one of the most fascinating examples of the hypocrisy of the right wing: they want to defer decisions to states (one of the supposed foundations of conservatism is states' rights) whenever they think the states will do what they want. But whenever states do something that the right wing disagrees with, they seek to outlaw it at the federal level (marijuana, gay marriage, abortion, etc.).