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No fatties allowed

the-bride-grab.jpgFrom Australia comes this great bit about the latest crazy bride trend:

Some brides want bridesmaids to sign contracts promising not to put on weight or get pregnant before the big day, a survey has found.
More than one in five women planning weddings would ask their maid-of-honour to sign a written bridal “pre-nuptial agreement”.
Almost half of those questioned said they would sack a bridesmaid who broke the contract.
The survey, commissioned by the UK magazine You & Your Wedding asked 1000 women what clauses they sought in a contract.

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I would totally get preggers if it meant I could get out of being a bridesmaid or maid of honor. Crazy brides think of it as an honor--and they couldn't be more off. Oh, please let me spend MY money on an ugly dress YOU pick out so I can wear it to something I'M supposed to be a GUEST at, and PLEASE let me stand around posing for pictures when all of our other friends are getting wasted. Weddings are SO not fun.

Oh boy. I'm getting married in July. My bride-to-be and I agreed that we are aiming to have an as-drama-free event as possible.

However, the maid of honor has already been "quitted" for getting drunk and obnoxious at her parents' house, criticizing my future-in-laws openly, and posting pictures of the bride in her dress on Facebook six months before the wedding.

Top it all off with my now most-loathed phrase ('You know what you should do...'), more people trying to turn 'our' wedding into 'their' wedding, and well, I'm not surprised.

You know, though, I've been a bridesmaid three times, and all of my brides picked out gorgeous dresses, didn't complain about (new) tattoos, interfered not at all with my hairstyle, bought me beautiful jewelry, fed me sumptuously, and paid for part of my travel. We're not talking about bad brides here, we're talking about bad friends...

my wife and I got married in Greece by ourselves after witnessing a bride-zilla type wedding, our wedding involved my wife, myself, a witness, the photographer and the mayor of the island of Santorini. Looking back it was the best thing we ever could have done!!!

I've gotta agree with Jen here. Crazy brides are really just people who, in general, you don't want to know, and should therefore avoid being friends with in the first place. If any of my friends treated me like crap over their wedding, I'd probably give them a talking to and/or a bitchslap.