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No doubt, Mr. Young Customer. No doubt.

stripper-pole.jpgLouis Posner, a NYC tax lawyer, has been tossed into the clink. Turns out that “Big Lou” was the proprietor of Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club, a 7,000 square-foot loft in Hell’s Kitchen where folks could watch sex shows and porn, get some lines from the “house dealer,” nosh on some free cold-cuts, or drop up to five grand to head into a private room for some sex with a porn star.

Posner’s wife was also busted for running the million-dollar-a-year business with him, as were some of the dancers and club-goers. As the NY Post reports:

“It was f- - -ing awesome!” one disappointed young customer told a reporter after showing up outside the padlocked club last night. “This was the greatest establishment.”