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Nicely Packed, Bag Boy

nn_mank_baggy_061024.300w.jpgYou see, this is the problem with city councils: They have so little to do, that they starting making up shit to justify their meager salaries. And now, there’s yet another new trend in city ordinances which is sweeping the nation, preoccupying otherwise bored city council members tired of hearing about zoning regulations and overhangs: It’s ass overhangs.

Indeed, two cities in Louisiana are considering bans on baggy pants, which would bring the total to six (6) cities in the state to ban droopy pants under indecency laws. Fines can range from $25 to $200 and community service. Atlanta is also considering passing a similar ordinance, specific to baggy jeans that reveal thongs or (tacky) underwear.

Of course the ordinances are ridiculous. And of course they’ll probably be challenged at some point and stricken from the books before “belt brigades” and “sagging” courts are put into effect. But, personally, while I’m not keen on the fashion aspects of the baggy jeans, I’m certainly impressed: How the hell do you hold up your pants when they’re six inches below your ass? I have a certain respect for any fashion choice that defies gravity.

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Not only am I impressed that they manage to keep their pants up, but I'm sure that they'll come up with a way of getting around these ordinances pretty quickly. I'm thinking they'll be ditching the pants completely.